1 fatal content mistake that costs you clients and profits

The 2 powerful ladies… Siri and Sarah are back.


Their example will help you understand this fatal content mistake.


Siri creates different levels of content.


Ok-ish content for her social media and daily emails.

Good content for her weekly training.

Great content for her paid masterclasses and coaching programs.


She puts a lot of effort into promoting her trainings.


And she hopes that once people watch her trainings…


They would trust her more. 


See her as an authority figure. 


And they would be ready to become her clients.


It’s an ok-ish thinking. And she signs a few clients here and there.


But she isn’t getting any inbound leads.


There is no one waiting to join her programs.


On the other hand…


Sarah leads with GREATNESS.


She shares great advice and insights in her social media posts…

Daily emails…

Weekly trainings…

Paid masterclasses and coaching programs…


She doesn’t hide her powerful great self behind a paid wall.


Ironically… she gets a lot of inbound leads.


And has a waitlist of clients eager to work with her.


How does this happen?


When you HIDE your great advice and insights behind registrations and paid wall…


You post a lot of fluff content.


That doesn’t build any trust, authority, or eagerness in people to work with you.


People just assume you’re FULL of FLUFF.


They don’t even wanna sign up for your free trainings and paid programs.


Because they believe that will be full of fluff too.


Now you might have a fear that… 


If you post great content…


People will take your advice and they might not even want to work with you.


But that’s not how the world works.


They want to work with you even more.


They eagerly join your programs for even deeper transformations.


They want to be in your proximity to reach higher levels in their journey.


I want to add one more thing…


Let’s say a few people did take your great free advice and transform on their own…


Isn’t that beautiful?


You started your biz to serve people, right?


And now you’re serving them… some with free and some with paid stuff.


Why are you living in LACK?


Why are being STINGY in your content?


Why are you HIDING your true great self behind a paywall?


Share your GREATNESS. 


And magically you will ATTRACT great people in your world.


Both identities… Siri and Sarah live inside you.


Let the identity of Sarah… your greatness… shine through this week.


That’s it for today. 


Have a power-packed abundant week.


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Take care. I BELIEVE in your greatness.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram