1 powerful belief can transform your life (anecdote…)

I’ll share a war anecdote with you.

Kyösti Kallio was a Finnish politician.

He served as the fourth president of Finland from 1937 to 1940.

In the Winter War of 1939–40…

The Finnish army with nine divisions held off forty-five Soviet divisions for 105 days after the unprovoked Soviet onslaught.

The Finns, inevitably, were crushed.

And terms were imposed upon them in a treaty signed in Moscow in March 1940.

As President Kallio picked up the pen to sign…

He exclaimed…

“Let the hand wither that signs this monstrous treaty!”

Within a few months, his arm had become paralyzed.

Why am I sharing this anecdote with you?

It’s not about the war.

It’s not about the politicians.

It’s about the last 2 lines.

It’s about the BELIEF.

And I keep getting amazed by the power of our BELIEFS.

Now before you allow your “woo-woo” meters to go through the roof…


We’ll talk about good “woo-woo” stuff some other day. And how crazy, seemingly illogical things are possible.

But today…

I’m NOT gonna ask you to stop taking action.

Close your eyes.

And keep saying to yourself… I’m a millionaire.

What I’m gonna ask you to do is…

Reflect on your beliefs.

Question the beliefs that have you stopped questioning for years.

And now they feel like permanent truths to you.

Are they serving you or harming you?

Let’s take a simple example:

“All of the closers suck. I can’t delegate sales calls to someone else”

If I believe this…

I will stop looking for new closers.

I will stop improving my process and skills of hiring.
I will stop becoming better at training people.
I will become the bottleneck in my own business.

I will stay overwhelmed with the amount of work I need to do.

So does this belief serve me?


Now some people might say… but that’s the TRUTH.

There are no good closers.

My suggestion then…

Gain more experience.

Gain more of the right experience.

Learn more of the right lessons.

And your TRUTH will change.

Once you question the beliefs that are not serving you…

Then REPLACE them with powerful beliefs.

“I will figure things out no matter what”

It’s a good starting belief to have in your arsenal.

If you have this belief…

Do you think you will try more or less?

Will you give up on the first sign of failure?

Or will you learn the lessons and keep going?

You will invest in yourself to figure things out.

You will take more aligned action.

Your focus will be on figuring things out. Not being a victim.

Good things happen when you have the right beliefs in place.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Do this 1-week experiment:

Write down any powerful belief that you wanna instill in yourself.

Now you can keep repeating this belief to yourself.

Repetition is useful to change your sub-conscious patterns.

Faster way… Visualisation, Hypnosis, Intuition mediation, corrections.
There are many techniques and if the client is onboard we do that in our MM program.

But all that might be a bit woo-woo to you.

How do you make it more practical and see some results in a week?

For 7 days, ACT AS IF…

How would I act if I have this [powerful belief]?

And then ACT that way.

Start with the smallest actions. And then gradually raise the bar.

Now you’re taking “aligned action”.

Now your mind is collecting evidence that YOU can act in this different and powerful way.

Now you’re becoming a new person.

And all of this started with 1 powerful belief.

Alright that was a long email on BELIEFS.

I’ll stop now.

That’s it for today.

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Take care.

Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram