12 Beliefs That Stop Coaches From Making More Money

I will share 12 beliefs with you.


Beliefs that stop coaches from making more money.


Also I will give you reasons… why those beliefs might not be true.


At that point, you will have a choice.


You can break your beliefs. 

Or you can be hell-bent on defending your beliefs.


If you are hell-bent… you get to keep that belief. Congratulations!


And as a result… you might make less money.


But that’s good. 

It’s your INTENTIONAL choice now.


Enough context. Let’s dive right in…


Here are the 12 beliefs:


1.) “My mentor is charging less than that… how can I charge those high prices”


One of our clients said this exact statement.


She has 25+ years of experience in her field.

And great client results.


She wanted to make more money.

But she wasn’t able to charge more because the mentor who taught her was charging less.


She was thinking… “Why would people pay me more than my mentor”.


I just asked her to do an experiment for 7 days.


Charge $100 more than your mentor.


And see if you sign any clients.


She signed 3 new clients.


Since that day… she hasn’t looked back.


Raised her prices multiple times. 


And clients are still happy to pay for the results she delivers.


Don’t let your mentor become a barrier in your mind.


2.) “In this economy, no one is willing to invest that much in coaching”


Open up good ol’ Google, FB, Insta or LinkedIn… 

Do some research…

And you will find coaches who are winning in this exact economy.


In every economy… there are coaches who win.


And there are coaches who make this same exact excuse.


Which one do you want to be?


Your mind can be busy making better excuses or making your business better.


It can’t do both at the same time.


3.) “Making $50k/mo feels like I’m stealing from other people. I don’t deserve that much.”

Are you stealing? Or are clients happily paying?


Are you running a scam?

Or are people getting genuine help?


One other way… if you feel like you’re stealing $50k/mo…


Keep $10k for yourself.

And donate $40k every month. That would serve a lot of people.


There are no rules that you have to keep the money you make.


And also reflect on this:


Your parents, authority figures in your childhood…

Your faith…

The environment you grew in…


Plays a big role in setting up your internal thermostat.


And based on that thermostat… 


$50k/mo could feel like you’re stealing or could feel like it’s a joke.


Reflect on the beliefs you grew up with. 


Are they still serving your bigger vision? 

Or is it time to upgrade those beliefs?


4.) “More money… more problems. More clients… more headaches”

If your mind believes that you will self-sabotage.


You will intentionally or unintentionally do the things that will stop you from getting more clients.


2 ways to go about it:


“I will hit my rev goals with fewer clients”


Good. Set your business that way.


“I will make my business model better so I can serve more clients”


Good. Your current model might suck. And you just can’t take more clients like this.


So change it… improve it… and serve more clients.

5.) “Rich people are evil”


If you believe rich people are evil…


And you’re trying to be rich…


You probably won’t end up rich.


Because your mind is fighting against you.


Find the examples of rich people that serve a lot of people. 


And do good in the world.


Aim for that.


6.) “I need to do 11 step morning routine prescribed by this famous guru in order to win”


To make more money… 


you need to figure out the right money-making activities.


And do them consistently.


If you truly believe an 11-step morning routine is necessary for you to start doing those right things… 


keep it.


I won’t argue with your intelligence 🙂


7.) “I am posting great stuff. But none of my prospects are engaging with it”

Let me be rude for a second…


Your stuff just isn’t good enough for your prospects.


Read that again.


Get better at writing hooks that your prospects want to read.


Actually provide value so prospects wanna read it till the end and engage with it.


And one more thing…


If you have started posting recently… 


Stop hoping for big results from Day 1.


Be consistent in posting great and real stuff.


And people will start engaging with it.


8.) “No one can win from my situation”

Again I’ll be direct.


If people from third world countries can become rich…


You can make some money.


If people with lost body parts can become rich…


You can make some money.


If people with brutally traumatizing childhoods can become rich…


You can make some money.


9.) “What would they say”

They can only say 3 things:


Good thing 

Bad thing



If they are saying nothing, good. Move on.


If they are saying bad things…


Good, they might care about what you are doing.

Listen to the criticism that makes you better.

Ignore the rest.


People have a long list of complaints for God.


And you’re thinking you won’t have any complaints.


Keep improving. And keep moving forward.


If they are saying good things…


Acknowledge that.

But don’t let it blow your ego through the roof.


Keep improving. And keep moving forward.


10.) “I am getting all bad leads. My ads/marketing ain’t working”


Maybe the leads are bad.


Sometimes they can be.


Improve your ad. Improve your messaging.


But there are high chances…


you or your team is bad at sales.


Don’t stop your ads or marketing. 

Improve your sales process and sales skills.


11.) “I have the right offer, marketing blueprint, and sales script. But clients are still not signing up. I need something new”

You don’t need something new.


You need to learn what “RIGHT” looks like.


When you have the right things… clients line up. Period.


12.) “I just need 1 more offer… 1 more funnel”

Chances are you already have too many offers and funnels and too much complexity.


You don’t need the new shiny “quiz leading to VSL to chatbot to BS” funnel.


All that’s stopping you from making more money.




Raise the quality. 


And see how you make more profits.


Those were the 12 beliefs.


I actually wrote 17 more. But this email got too long.


I’ll create a separate training on this. Let me know if you would be interested in that.


That’s it for today.


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Take care. I got too charged up today.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram