13 Reasons I See That Keep Coaches Stuck Between 5-20k Months

Let’s dive right in…


Here are the 13 reasons:


1.) You are not FOCUSED on your Linchpin clients.


Who are these Linchpin clients?


People who deeply value your coaching… 

are ready to pay you a premium… 

and they are committed to working hard to get the results. 


They are not the ones who won’t do any work and then blame you as the coach for not getting them the results.


And they are not the ones who would say… “I want to sign up with you. But I just don’t have the money”.


“Sign clients” 


That was the right strategy initially.


But if you want to scale to 30-50k months… identify, research, and get super focused on signing only your Linchpin clients.


2.) You are trying to sell TOO many offers.


1 Offer is enough to scale to 50k months.


If you wanna push it… have 2 offers.


More than that… you’re just wasting your time, energy, and resources.


Keep things simple if you want to be more profitable in ‘24.


3.) You are charging too LOW


Charge based on the level of transformation you are delivering.


Stop under-selling yourself.


You’re not helping anyone that way.


Look at your past clients. 


Did they get the results?

If yes, then raise your prices and standards despite the fear you’re experiencing.


You think you can’t raise your prices because you have been talking to the wrong people.


And these people are saying… “I can’t afford it” even to your lower prices.


Rest assured… there are clients in your exact niche who are willing to pay more.


4.) You’re still trying to charge per session even in ’24.


Stop it now.


Create a 16-week program. And charge for it.


Or for a select few niches… create a membership.


5.) Your fulfillment isn’t dialed in.


Every time you sign a client… you’re just WINGING it.


There’s no dialed-in process to take a client from their starting line to their desired result.


“But each client is unique”


Alright… think of the key buckets that most clients will go through.


For fitness… it can be training, nutrition, accountability.


Create a solid curriculum, playbooks & cheat sheets.


Record the main trainings that each client would go through.


Now you’re creating a system of success… instead of answering the same question 100s of times for each new client.


Make sure the fulfillment doesn’t become a bottleneck in your business… otherwise you just can’t take on more clients without burning yourself to the ground.


6.) You’re trying to do everything yourself


Let go of your perfection syndrome.


Hire a team member… VA/Setter to help you with your growth.


Stop doing the admin tasks that take a lot of your time. 

And distract you from focusing on the highest rev. generating activities.


7.) You’re trying to market in a way that isn’t in alignment with you


Guru’s way may not be the right kind of marketing for YOU.


Do what’s sustainable for you and helps you get the results.


And stop trying to be on 7 platforms when you don’t know how to get consistent clients from even 1-2 platforms.


8.) Your messaging is attracting WRONG kinda people


I wrote an email on this recently. Let me know if you wanna read that again.


9.) You’re creating reels but no real assets


Reels and shorts are great for grabbing attention.


But not for converting attention to clients.


For that you need long-form…


Long-form videos, training, PDFs, cheatsheets, worksheets, long emails, etc.


Assets that you can deploy again and again to sign your Linchpin clients.


10.) You’re motivating your prospects instead of coaching them


You don’t need to motivate the right kind of prospects.


No raa-raa-ing ‘em up is required.


They are already willing to move forward.


They are just looking for the right person.


And you show that you’re the right person by COACHING people in your content.


Asking the right questions, shifting the beliefs that are stopping them, sharing tangible steps from your journey and your clients’ journey, and helping them hit the next level.


When you coach ‘em right in your content… they wanna sign up instantly to be in your proximity.


11.) You don’t think and feel you’re worthy of making more.


Money beliefs that your parents and surroundings installed in you are coming in the way.


We have a short training on this. Let me know if you want to watch that.


And I’ll send it to you.


Let me tell you a straight fact…


You are allowed to make more just because you WANT to.


And you can do this legally, ethically, and morally.


12.) Your mind is SATISFIED with where you are


You are feeling… life is good. Why to make more?


If there’s no hunger… 

no urgency to make the most of your day… 

no drive to make more impact in people’s lives…

no desire to create a better life for yourself…


You won’t grow.


Create an inspiring vision moving forward so you’re excited to make it a reality.


13.) You’re being lazy or cheap when it comes to investing in yourself


Work with a mentor… be in the rooms… where your growth becomes natural.


Alright… this email is already too long.


So I will stop now. There are a few more blocks around sales.


We’ll cover them some other day.


P.S. If you’re looking to break your income ceiling and hit those 30-50k months while being your unapologetic self… just book a short call with me below. 

And I’ll walk you through our special MM program.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram