3 things to focus on when going from $5k to $25k per month

If you’re above $5k/mo and you want to hit $25k/mo, here are the 3 things that I would focus on:


1.) Be clear on how many clients you need to hit 25k/month


If your offer is 5k… you need only 5 clients.


If your offer is around 3k… you need around 9 clients.


If you’re charging under 3k and delivering great value, raise your prices TODAY.


There’s your Money Maths.


Another thing about the offer… 


If people are not buying it consistently, your messaging… your offer isn’t dialed in.


You might feel it is. But it ISN’T according to your people. 


Moving on…


2.) Working with the wrong kind of clients will keep you STUCK


Only work with Linchpin Clients.


Who would be these Linchpin clients for you?


People who deeply value your coaching…

Are ready to pay you a premium…

And committed to doing the work it takes to get the results.


When you ONLY work with these Linchpin clients…


You get more testimonials because they are more likely to get results with your coaching.


You get more referrals. 

And the quality of referrals is high… so you get more Linchpin clients. Positive loop!


You spend less time on marketing that doesn’t work.


Plus you make more money and more impact.

Stop taking clients who waste your time, energy, and resources.


It could be tough at first.


But you need to start working with the right kind of clients to hit 25k/month (fast). 


How do you sign these Linchpin clients once they are on a call with you?


3.) You gotta dial in your SALES skills


If you’ve ONLY signed referrals, you don’t know what real sales is.


Learn to sign people who don’t know much about you. Set up your sales system.


We install SCAAIL system in our clients’ businesses. 


Your closing percentage and follow-up system need to be dialed in… 

if you wanna hit $25k/month, fast.


Do you have the RIGHT sales structure for the calls?

Are you practicing sales daily? Aim for 60 mins (if you wanna improve at a good pace)

Do you have the right FOLLOW-UP system?

Are you TRACKING the right metrics?

Are you seeing the IMPROVEMENT every week?


Moving on…


4.) Bonus Point – Dial in your environment and mindset


When you’re focusing on the advice of the right coach/mentor…


Hitting rev. goals become easier.


You don’t get easily DISTRACTED.


Most people stay STUCK because they keep doing random shiny new things in their business.




When your environment is set up in a way that it’s dialed in for growth instead of comfort…


You break your glass ceilings fast.


Finally, if you feel like you’ve been trying to do these things but you’re still not hitting your goals…


Ask for help.


Don’t stay stuck in the months of ALMOST… 


Almost hitting your goals but never actually hitting them.

Almost getting the clients, but never actually getting them.

Almost making the impact, but never actually making the full impact.


That’s it for today.


P.S. If you want to create meaningful momentum in your business, hit your revenue goals, and transform your current self into your future self… book a short call with me below.


I’m rooting for you. 


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram