4 Mistakes That Stopped Me From Hitting 50k+ Months

Let’s dive right in…


Here are the 4 Mistakes I Made That Stopped Me From Hitting 50k+ Months:


Disclaimer: I made many more mistakes.


Today I was thinking of these 4…


1.) Not firing people early


Around 2 years back I let a closer take 64 strategy calls.


And he didn’t sign even a single client.


Just even saying this…


I realize how bad I was at hiring and firing people.


I just kept saying this to myself… 

he has the potential. 


I can see it.


He would turn things around.


He might have… 


But he wasn’t right for my business at that point.


To give you some base numbers:


With 64 calls, at the bare minimum closing rate of 20%…


I would have made around 65k (upfront).


And more in the backend. 


Plus I was running paid ads to get these many calls booked…


So I lost quite a bit of money. Big mistake!!


Most coaches can’t afford to look at the POTENTIAL.


We gotta see the results. And make the firing decision.


2.) Not systemising the DELIVERY


I personally love getting 1-on-1 coaching.


So that’s what we do for our clients.


But early on I didn’t spend much time systemising it.


Whether you’re doing group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching…


Don’t start from 0 with each new client.


You don’t get bonus points for repeating yourself.


Create a solid curriculum, trainings, playbooks, cheat sheets, etc.


Create a ‘system of success’ for your clients. 

And share it with your clients.


Now when you coach them 1-on-1 with this system… 

your clients get better, faster, and long-lasting results.


3.) Worrying about EITHER/OR


WHAAAATTTTTT the heck is that?


Let me clarify…


I used to worry about CHOOSING between paid ads and organic.


Let me tell you…


Do what’s in alignment with you and your business.


I didn’t go full hard on paid ads even though they were working for me.


I was getting 4x returns with paid ads.


But for some reason, I thought organic had more charm 🙂


Let me tell you…


Don’t worry about choosing 1… once you’re making like 10-20k months.


You can use them both if you have enough time, resources, and skills.


4.) Becoming COMPLACENT around 30-35k months


I took my foot off the paddle… once I was making 30-35k months.


I’m a young guy with 0 debt.


So life becomes pretty good with 30k coming in every month.


No worries.


Good business.


Good clients.


Good relationships in my personal life.


Things got easy. And I got complacent.


Let me tell you 1 simple principle if you want to keep winning…


Don’t worry about doubling down when things are HARD.


Go double, triple, or even 10x hard when things are EASY.


Those were the 4 mistakes I made.


I hope it was a valuable read for you.


That’s it for today.


P.S. I’m still a li’l bit tipsy with all the weekend sleep 🙂


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Have a Masterful Week!


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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram