Are you a “People Pleaser Coach”?

Are you a “People Pleaser Coach”?


If you provide a free coaching session…


Answer whatever question the person has…


Try to emotionally connect with the person…


And hope that the person would like you and become your client…


Then you’re a “People Pleaser Coach”.


Why’s that such a bad thing for your business?


Because you are probably getting these responses…


“Thank you so much! That was a great session”

“I’d love to sign up but I don’t have the money right now”

“I can pay you like $25/session for now and maybe later I can pay your more”

“I think I’ve gotten enough help around this. I’m good”


You might still be thinking…


I don’t see anything wrong in it. I just want to help people.

And maybe make some money.


Great! I won’t even talk about the money (and how that’s important for your business).


Just ask yourself – 


Do you want to help people “feel good” after a session?




Do you want to TRANSFORM people’s lives for good?


Your client can say…


“She made me feel good about my body during the session. But after a day or two it fizzled out”




“She helped me transform my body over 12 weeks. 

Now I feel great about my body.

I can see the rekindled desire in my husband’s eyes.

My kids love their Mumma’s energy”


Which result would you pick?


I hope you picked the 2nd one.


If you did… then you need to STOP giving free coaching sessions.


And instead help people identify the problem… 

understand the impact of the problem if it continues… 

help them define a clear destination and why it means so much for them…

Help them see the gap between their destination and the current situation…

Offer them a great program where they will get long-lasting results…

And charge high-end prices so people actually follow through with your program.


Now this info could be basic for some of you. And that’s good.


But for others, if your mind is raising doubts or your have some beliefs bursting in anger…


Maybe they are your limiting beliefs (if they are not helping you grow your business and actually impact more people)


WOOOOOF! That was a long email.


I thought coaches would stop giving free sessions. 

But that ritual is continuing and failing even in 2023.


P.S. Guys who’re people pleasers in dating usually fail. And same goes for coaches who want to people-please their way into getting clients.


I apologise if it was harsh. But in my experience, each and every single word of this email is true.

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram