Are you blending in or standing out?

Let’s dive right in…


Here are 15 ways coaches BLEND in:


1.) Repeat the SAME advice that everyone else in your market is giving.


Don’t add your experience or flavor to it.


2.) LOOK like every other coach in your space


3.) Talk about “general” stuff. 


I’ll help you hit your next level.


If you wanna lose weight… do this.


Here’s how you can feel happier…


4.) Hide your personality. Hide your craziness.


Instead of saying WHAAAAAAATTTTTT… 


say what. Because it’s grammatically correct.


Disclaimer: Your personality doesn’t need to be loud.


It just needs to be AUTHENTICALLY yours.


5.) Always be politically correct.


Don’t share what you actually think and feel.


Don’t take a stand. 




Because some people might HATE you… beep… be*p… woahhhh!


6.) Have the same business values…


“I care a lot about my clients”


FYI… every coach says exactly that.


7.) Consume the same content everyone else in your space consumes.


This is a sure-shot way to blend in.


8.) Don’t have a UNIQUE MECHANISM for delivering the results.


9.) Charge the same prices your competition is charging. 




Try and act polished and perfect.


11.) Don’t spend any time thinking about your client’s journey with you.


It can only be done 1 way… like the GOOORRRRUUU told you.


12.) Don’t bring out any of your CREATIVITY.


Just use the SAME TEMPLATES that every other coach and their dogs are using.


13.) Don’t EVOLVE.


Don’t accept that the advice you used to give 3 years back… might be wrong.


Don’t accept your past mistakes because you’re the GUUUURRRRRUUUU.


Try n hide your complacency behind the charm of consistency.


14.) Don’t share any EMOTIONS.


What makes you mad, happy, worried… NO.


Be robotic. Just share the boring facts.


15.) Always stay POSITIVE.


You are a coach. 


You are not a human. You are not allowed to feel any negative emotions.


Those were the 15 ways to BLEND IN. 

There are many more… you will start observing them now.


I laughed a lot while writing this.


And I hope you had some fun too.


Now if you want to start STANDING out…




That’s it for today.


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It’s right for coaches who… 


Want to STAND UP for something…


Are serious about building a scalable and sustainable business… 


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If that interests you, just book a short call with me below.


Take care.


Signing of…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram