Are you chasing ‘effortless success’?

How did you sign these clients?



How did you go from zero to making a gazillion dollars?



How did you create this much content?

“I just woke up and it was all there”


We love hearing these “effortless” stories.


Things just happened. I didn’t have to work for it.


We are made to believe…


Our success should be effortless. 


Otherwise it ISN’T cool.


But have you ever tried saying this to a successful person?


“You didn’t work hard for your success. You just got it.”


Try it. And you will offend this successful person to a whole another level.


You will potentially be thrown out of their cool inner circle 🙂


Here’s what I believe:


Jordan playing basketball…

Oprah conducting her shows…

Steve Jobs building Apple…

J.K. Rowling writing books…

Anatoly lifting weights (if you haven’t seen this guy, search him on Youtube :))…


Things that seem effortless… took years of effort.


Building a powerful Insta following of raving fans… takes effort.


Running a successful FB group… takes effort.


Running paid ads profitably… takes effort.


Writing daily emails… takes effort.


Speaking on stages and signing clients… takes effort.


Hiring and firing team members… takes effort.


Being a great leader… takes effort.


Getting referrals… effortless?

You spend years learning the right skills and crafting a great client experience.


Effortless… passive… million dollar income like GOOROOOS promise?

Yeah that’s a lie.


Running a successful business takes effort.


Be proud of dreaming scary BIG for yourself and your family.


Be proud of your WILLINGNESS to improve.


Be proud of your RESILIENCE to fall and get back up again n again.


Be proud of your COURAGE to move forward when your mind is ringing the danger signs.


Be proud of your CARE for the clients.


Be proud of your CONSISTENCY… showing up day in and day out… and creating the best content you can.


Be proud of your EFFORTS.


Efforts are cool.


Efforts are the prerequisite for making something seem effortless.




I wouldn’t call it a hack.


But knowing ‘WHO YOU ARE’ will help you out.


ALIGNMENT makes things feel effortless.


LOVE makes things feel effortless.


We’ll talk more about those things some other day.


Right now I just wanna say…


Efforts are COOL. 

Give this year your BEST shot.


That’s it for today.


Take care!


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram