Are you forgetting these 2 persuasive signals? 

Around 11 am yesterday…


A young guy and an old man showed up at my doorstep.


Both were wearing a cop uniform.


First thought in my mind?


“Why are they here? Could be something official”


They handed me this official-looking register.


And asked me to add my name and signature.


Their tonality was “firm and certain”. 

No upward inflection at the end.


I asked them…


What’s this about?


They said…


We’re from this charitable group for orphaned kids.


And we’re looking for donations.


Now my mind goes they might not even be real cops.


It might just be a play of persuasion for building AUTHORITY.


And I was right… they weren’t cops.


But I still donated.




It was for orphaned kids.

And I liked their “act of authority”.


I am sharing this with you…


Because we often forget the PERSUASIVE impact of these 2 things:


1.) How we are LOOKING

2.) How’s our TONALITY


Don’t believe me?


Walk into a room of strangers wearing a well-fitted suit.


And walk into a room wearing a loosely fitted t-shirt and shorts.


You will be perceived and treated DIFFERENTLY.


Speak with CERTAINTY when you’re sharing your process on the discovery calls.


And then try speaking with UNCERTAINTY on a few calls.


In the latter case… you won’t be signing many clients.


We can say PERCEPTION doesn’t matter.


But in reality, it kinda does.


Even if we consciously don’t care about it.


Our subconscious does.


Reflect on this. 


And then make your own choice… how you want to show up and speak.


That’s it for today.


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Take care!


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram