Are you missing the “hidden profits” in your biz?

After working with 250+ one-on-one coaching clients and many others in different capacities…


I see this common pitfall that coaches fall in.


Before we jump into that…


I know how frustrating it can get when you are supposedly doing all the “right” things.
But you’re still not hitting your revenue or profit goals.


And this especially happens when you’re between 15k-30k/mo.


When you are starting out…


You know you are missing big blocks like…


A good coaching offer.
Sales script.
Marketing strategy… it could be becoming good at 1 platform, creating reels, Li posts, creating VSLs, running paid ads, having a funnel that works, etc.
Key program pillars. And how you’re gonna deliver them.
Hiring and firing strategy.
SOPs for your team.


These are NEW things that we might not have done before.


And we are EXCITED to put these big blocks in our biz.


We find courses, coaches, mentors…
And put these big blocks in our biz.


As we do that our revenue starts to grow.
Sometimes exponentially. Other times gradually.


But then we get stuck around a revenue level.
Could be around 20k or 30k months.


Here we have the big blocks.
And we’re signing some clients.
And delivering some great results.


But we aren’t hitting the rev. or profit goals we want to hit.


So what do we do?


We go out there again.


Searching for NEW big blocks…
Latest Fb ads – Many chat – Upsell event – MRR Program – Big Client – Dumb funnel.


But the problem wasn’t that you were missing the big blocks.


The problem was your big blocks weren’t working at the level they should.


Having a VSL…
And having a VSL that fills up your calendar are two different things.


Having a sales script…
And having a sales script that makes you sign 60% of cold clients is the differentiator between 15k and 50k months.


Having 2 employees…
And having 2 RIGHT employees is the difference between mega-profits and massive headaches.


Looking for NEW big blocks isn’t always the answer.


Sometimes the answer is…


Dialing things up to unlock massive rev. or profit growth.


You need to know when to do what.


You need to know what the REAL bottleneck is in your biz.


Without identifying that… you can keep moving in circles.
Getting frustrated.
Hating on people who are less “qualified” than you but make more than you.


Reflect on this.


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Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram