Are you self-sabotaging your business? (Beware of these 13 ways)

Self-sabotage comes in many shapes and forms.


Today we’ll cover 13 ways:


1.) Having a shaky self-worth


Client leaves…
Or random guy trolls…
Or partner argues…


And now your whole inner world is messed up.


“Who am I?”
“Am I even worth it?”
“Do I even deserve success?”
“Do I deserve love?”


If OUTSIDE governs your INNER worth… you will have a hard time running your business.


Try the other direction.


2.) Insidious Inner Circle


If they DON’T have anything that you’re AIMING for…


If they DO have anything that you’re moving AWAY from…


Why are you keeping them in your inner circle?


3.) Working a lot… without tracking where your time is going.


You can keep moving in circles.




You can work extremely hard in the wrong direction.


It won’t get you the result you want.


Plus you will get irritated, frustrated, and ready to quit the whole damn thing.


4.) Quitting before putting the final piece


I wrote an email on this recently.


5.) Avoiding DISCIPLINE like a plague


I have learned from and worked with “manifestation coaches”.


They preach discipline and are disciplined with their meditations, manifestation practices, and marketing.


Disciplined action to become the person you want to become is self-love. Not plague.


6.) Hiding your best strategies and insights


“What if I shared my strategies and they implemented on their own?”


Stop living in this scarcity and fear.


Share from the perspective of serving people… some will get free value.
Others will pay you.


As long as you keep hiding your best stuff…


You won’t be getting many inbound leads.


7.) Comparing your 3-month journey to someone else’s 13-year journey


If this comparison helps you win… keep comparing.


If this comparison makes you miserable… start FOCUSING on your journey.


And let others enjoy their journey.


8.) Paying for knowledge or coaching. And then ignoring what you paid for.


If you have done this… you know it.


And you can choose to not do this in the future.


9.) Thinking you’re the best coach or have the best coaching program when the evidence is telling a different story


I’m all for having a great self-image.


But understand this… everything isn’t about your self-image.


Stop taking this thing personally.


Look at it like it is your coaching PROCESS.


And you can listen to the feedback and keep improving your program.


If you’re getting no referrals…
maybe your program isn’t that great.


If no one wants to work with you…
maybe the value you’re sharing isn’t that great.


If you keep getting 100 objections from every prospect…
maybe your program positioning, presentation, or sales skills ain’t that great.


10.) Disrespecting Momentum


If you have worked hard to gain momentum…
don’t take your foot off the pedal now.


When it has finally become easy to win…
double down or 10x your efforts.


This way you will win exponentially with momentum.


But if you disrespect this momentum…
you will lose months or years of growth.


And experience good ol’ REGRET.


11.) Not trusting or knowing your INTUITION


This one is tricky.


Some people label their conditioning… their laziness… as intuition.


And then they keep self-sabotaging for years.


Others keep AVOIDING their intuition because a goooruuu recommended a different path.


Thoughts can be CONFUSING.
Intuition is CLEAR.


Energy of intuition is EXPANSIVE not CONTRACTIVE.


This all can sound a bit woo-woo.


I completely get that. It was woo-woo to me a few years back.


There are many techniques to dial in your intuition.


We might cover that some other day.


12.) Hiring too early or firing too late


If you have no clue about your own process…


If you don’t know what someone will be responsible for…


If you don’t know how you will judge their performance…


Take some time to understand that before you hire someone.


On firing too late…


I have made this expensive mistake… in my sales department.




You know they are not performing.


You know they are causing a lot of headaches.


You are just fearing the replacement process.




You are being “too nice” and hoping they will turn around someday.


Not gonna happen.


It’s not good for you, your business, and them.


Let ‘em go.


13.) Having NO boundaries for clients


You are an adult.


Your client is an adult (unless you’re working with kids).


If your client is acting like a “needy child”… let them know.


Either they will improve their behavior.


Or you gotta let ‘em go.


It might be hard for you to set these boundaries at first.


It might be painful for you to leave money on the table.


But do this. You will build a better long-term business.


And you will have clients that actually enjoy working with.


Those were the 13 self-sabotaging ways.


That’s it for today.


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That’s it for today.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram