Are your distractions leading you to the wrong arenas?

I OBSESSIVELY played chess for 2 weeks.


The best I could do was beat a bot with 1700 Elo.


How did I learn?


From a few YouTube channels.


Took 1 paid chess course.


And then I DECIDED it wasn’t for me.


At least at this point in my life… I don’t really CARE about it.


My focus is… 


My coaching business (doing some cool things)…

Getting to 12% body fat percentage (just because I want to)…

And having a cute relationship with my girlfriend.


I got obsessed with chess for those 2 weeks.


But then I realized… it wasn’t serving any of my TOP priorities.


I would spend whole days just playing and learning about chess. 


Huge distraction for this phase. 




I couldn’t write daily emails about it 🙂


My girlfriend isn’t that interested in chess.


No one in my circle cares that much about chess.


And it was making me more lazy… as I missed a few workouts just to focus on chess.


It was a fun HOBBY for me during the holidays.


But NOTHING more.


What’s the point of this?


Ask yourself… 


For the season you’re in… which habits/hobbies aren’t serving your top priorities?


Habits that don’t serve your core vision are called DISTRACTIONS.


And it’s wise to NOT let these distractions drag you to ARENAS where you don’t want to be.


Even though chess made me feel smarter…

Keyword “feel” 🙂


And I had a lot of fun.


But I know if I keep it in my life… I will get obsessed with it.


And then later on regret not making progress in the core areas of my life.


So I went cold turkey on it.


Achieving my core vision >> Becoming good at chess


When you keep your VISION clear… 

it’s easy to make the RIGHT decisions.


Now the second week of Jan is coming to an end…


I hope you’re staying FOCUSED on your vision too.


That’s it for today.


P.S. If you have played chess, what was your fav. opening?


I just realised I root better for you when I am not playing chess 🙂


Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram