Coaching landscape is changing (fast)… are you ready for THIS?

Coaching Landscape is changing.


And it’s changing FAST.


If you don’t change with it…


You will keep wondering why aren’t you getting clients (easily) now like the way you used to.


As usual in most markets, there’s a lot more competition today than 4 years ago.


Because there are a lot more coaches.


And anyone can become a coach just by changing their profile bio and cover photo.


4 years ago…


You could just say something like – “I help women find the man of their dreams using RM process”.


Post couple pieces of content. 


Show some proof.


And voila! Clients coming in.




It’s not gonna cut it for the most part.


When competition increases…


Market sophistication increases…


People are aware of all the claims coaches make…


And they don’t just fall for it.


Now they wanna see the DEPTH.


Because they are getting all the surface level info in their Tik-Tok feed.


They wanna work with coaches who are DEEPLY aligned with them.

And maybe you’re aligned with them.


But if your messaging is not conveying that to them…


They will NOT have a conversation with you.


You might have heard this advice in the past…


If you wanna scale… 


your messaging, your offer, your acquisition systems, and your sales systems need to be DIALLED IN.


That was a “nice to have” 4 years ago.


Because even if things weren’t dialled in… you were still getting clients.


But now being “Dialled In” is a requirement.


Otherwise you don’t get more than 3-4 high paying clients a month. [When I say high paying… that’s at least 5k]


Start raising your SKILL level as a business owner.


Because just being a “coach” or having a “coach certification” with low level business skills is not cutting it anymore.


It’s already a long email.


So I’ll just stop. There’s so much more to say about this topic.


Can’t fill it up here.


That’s it for today.


P.S. If you’re still hoping things will change on their own, and your business will magically scale.


Sorry! But it won’t happen. Do something about it.


If you want us to be on your side, book a short call with me below.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram