Don’t MISS this if you want to build a long-lasting coaching biz



Having thousands of people LINING UP to buy anything you launch…


Shifting the markets just because you wrote a TWEET…


Folks WATCHING your update before saying ‘good morning to their partner 🙂


All that happens when you have a powerful BRAND.


And I agree it takes a LOOOONNNNGGG time to build that kinda BRAND.


But here’s what’s at the CORE of building a powerful BRAND…


What’s your STAND?


What do you stand FOR? And what do you stand AGAINST?


When you don’t have CLARITY around this question… you just CAN’T build a strong brand.


I wrote this email to help you gain some CLARITY around this question… 

so you can start building your POWERFUL and MAGNETIC brand.


If you want to stay mellow and mild… then this email isn’t for you.


Now that’s out of the way… 


I have listed down some powerful brands (leaders, companies, and superheroes) for your inspiration.


I said POWERFUL… they may not be RIGHT in your eyes. And that’s fine.


That’s actually a good indicator…


If you have a strong POSITIVE emotion for someone… 

maybe they are taking the STAND you align with.


If you have a strong NEGATIVE emotion for someone… 

maybe you need to take a STAND against those kinda values and people.


Let’s dive right in…


This might sound weird.


But SUPERHEROES… their BRANDS have stood the test of time.


Here’s a list of a few of them…




Stands For: Truth, justice, and the American way.

Stands Against: Injustice, tyranny, and cruelty.




Stands For: Justice, vengeance against crime, and protecting the innocent.

Stands Against: Crime, corruption, and chaos.


Wonder Woman:


Stands For: Peace, love, and equality.

Stands Against: War, injustice, and oppression.


Black Widow:


Stands For: Redemption, justice, and protecting the vulnerable.

Stands Against: Espionage, corruption, and manipulation.


Iron Man:


Stands For: Innovation, technology, and using wealth for good. Me – standing for… wealth is good.

Stands Against: Weapons proliferation, corruption, and misuse of technology.




Stands For: Control over anger, protecting the innocent.

Stands Against: Exploitation, oppression, and those who seek to harm others.


Black Panther:


Stands For: Leadership, honor, and protecting Wakanda.

Stands Against: Invasion, exploitation, and threats to Wakanda.




Stands For: Humor, breaking the fourth wall, and chaotic heroism.

Stands Against: Boredom, injustice, and those who threaten his loved ones.


Doctor Strange:


Stands For: Mystic arts, protecting reality, and maintaining balance.

Stands Against: Dark magic, interdimensional threats, and chaos.



3 Companies…




Stands For: Innovation, design excellence, and user experience.

Stands Against: Conformity, outdated technology, and compromising on quality.




Stands For: Athletic excellence, empowerment, and inspiration.

Stands Against: Inactivity, discrimination, and limitations.




Stands For: Imagination, storytelling, and family-friendly entertainment.

Stands Against: Negativity, exclusionary content, and compromising on the magic of





Dalai Lama:


Stands For: Peace, compassion, and Tibetan autonomy.

Stands Against: Violence, injustice, and human rights abuses.


Mother Teresa:


Stands For: Compassion, charity, and serving the poor and sick.

Stands Against: Poverty, suffering, and neglect of the less fortunate.


Margaret Thatcher:


Stands For: Free-market economics, individualism, and strong leadership.

Stands Against: Socialism, government intervention, and weak leadership.


Elon Musk:


Stands For: Innovation, sustainable technology, and space exploration.

Stands Against: Environmental degradation, inefficiency, and stagnation.


Donald Trump:


Stands For: Economic growth, nationalism, and conservative values.

Stands Against: Globalism, political correctness, and what he perceives as weak leadership.


Oprah Winfrey:


Stands For: Empowerment, storytelling, and philanthropy.

Stands Against: Discrimination, inequality, and injustice.


Sara Blakely:


Stands For: Entrepreneurship, female empowerment, and innovation.

Stands Against: Gender stereotypes, limitations on women in business, and complacency.


Mahatma Gandhi:


Stands For: Non-violent resistance, truth, and Indian independence.

Stands Against: Violence, injustice, and British colonial rule.




And here’s my shortlist. A complete list would be too long for this email.


I Stand For:

Vulnerability without being a victim

Feeling “not enough” and still being a courageous action-taker

Wisdom in Contradictions


Might not be your fault but it’s 100% your responsibility

Clarity over Chaos

Day-to-day speed with long-term patience

Vision over Comfort

High standards and Hunger

Wealth and Abundance


I Stand Against:

Indecisive folks

Blame game lovers

Dopamine junkies (new info grabbers with 0 action)

Sea of mediocrity

Neediness and desperate energy

Passionless people (no zeal for life and their work)

Discriminatory dudes and dudettes

Dream Destroyers


I’ll end this email with these 2 lines…


Everything that you DO and DON’T do in your business or even personal life is creating your BRAND.


Create with INTENTION.


That’s it for today.


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If that interests you, just book a short call with me below. 


Take care.


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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram