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Have you ever experienced this?


You see some success.
And then it all goes away.


If you know what I am talking about…
Then this email is for you.


Consider this scenario…


There are 2 coaches…
Siri and Sarah.


Both are in the middle of launching a new program.


Siri has worked HARD to create this program.


She’s sharing everything she has learned in the last 10+ years.


She’s excited beyond imagination to launch this program.


She launches the program with a pre-sale.


A few people join her program. But these are mainly her previous clients.


Her pre-sale thing didn’t get her the results she expected.


But now it’s time to raise the prices as promised…


She isn’t sure how to talk about her program with the same conviction and certainty anymore…


She continues with the campaign…


But new clients are not coming in…


Each day of the campaign passes by…


And she’s losing it.


She’s going in the shower and crying.


Wondering why it didn’t go as planned.


It was too much for her to take.


And she ends the campaign in despair.


First part of the story isn’t that different for Sarah…


Worked hard on the product.
Launched it.
Saw some success with pre-sales.


But then instead of losing it… she kept showing up with 100% CONVICTION.


External results WEREN’T shaking her core identity.


She kept DIALING UP her message even more.


More clients kept joining in.


And her last day was a big success as it usually is… with the DEADLINE.


She celebrates her successful launch.


And now transforming the lives of the clients who joined her program.


One of the main differences between Siri and Sarah…


100% Conviction.


That’s the difference between coaches who keep winning.
And coaches who win some and then don’t know how to handle the downtime.


This ISN’T just about launches.


It’s being on a discovery call and not losing conviction mid-way.


It’s running a marketing campaign and not giving up after the first few losses.


It’s being in the hiring process and not giving in after a few bad hires.


Each one of us will experience highs and lows.


But will you get DESTROYED by the lows?


Or will you keep showing up with 100% CONVICTION?


That will be one of the main defining factors of your STORY.


You gotta KNOW in your bones that you are gonna FIGURE things out no matter what.


You are gonna WIN.


You will create the DREAM LIFE you desire for yourself and your family.
No other choice.


Know where you are losing the conviction and dial it in.


If you wanna have a dialed-in strategy along with 100% conviction so you can scale your coaching biz to 10k-50k/mo profits…


Send me an email at with the word ‘waitlist’. You’ll be the first to know when the MM doors reopen.


That’s it for today.

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram