Focus on THIS thing if you want “magical” results…

Ever struggled with pimples?


If not… great.


But I have struggled a lot with pimples.


Every 2-3 days I would get a new one.
And I hated that.


So I visited quite a few “skin specialists”.


And they would recommend some kind of skin creams and treatments.


Most of them didn’t work.
A few of them worked… for a few weeks.


But nothing stopped the pimples from constantly coming out.


The excuse these doctors would give…


You have to apply at the exact time… day by day… to see the progress.


If you miss the exact times…
you might not get the results.


I was like… “That’s BS”.


And started my own research.


I then came across functional medicine doctors.


Started watching their YouTube channels.


There’s Dr. Berg and a few other good ones.


And I realized I was treating the symptoms i.e. pimples.
But I wasn’t working on the root cause.


What I am putting in my body is way more important than what I am applying to my skin.


So I did 2 things:


1.) Stopped eating inflammatory foods
2.) Started taking Glutathione supplement


And magically I got rid of my pimple problem.


I might still get a pimple once in like 2 months.
But overall my skin remains clean.


Why the heck am I telling you all this on Monday?


Your inner work…
Your beliefs…
Your courage…
Your conviction…
Your care for clients…
Your standards…
Your gratitude…
Your grounded identity…
Your curiosity…
Your learning and sharing capacity…


WHO YOU ARE will always matter more than…


High-budget video production, mind-bending logo, crazy edited Insta reels, fancy tools, and latest dopamine-inducing biz tactics.


Your external world is just the reflection of what’s inside you.


Take care of the root cause and symptoms magically disappear.


Take care of your internal world and the external would start glowing magically.


That’s it for today.


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Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram