“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

– Dorothy M. Neddermeyer


There is a fine line that separates a head held high and a head hanging for no reason. It’s the same that separates crowd-pullers from the sidelined. Self-confidence is what that fine line is called.

The textbook definition states it as the confidence one has on oneself or the ability to take up tasks fearlessly and march ahead to completion. Many a time we see people either stepping up for trying something new without much hesitation and on the other hand, we see others contorted in conflict, afraid of trying anything new.

This distinguishes people with high self-confidence with people who lack it. Its not only limited to that but also creeps into other aspects as well. It can affect your social skills, leadership abilities and also make alterations to your trajectory of life.


The Enemy Lies Within

Being as crystal clear as it already is, self-confidence is also as sensitive as a crystal at times. Very often we see it getting wrecked by minute incidents or sometimes coupled with inferiority complex it actually brings down the overall personality of the person. A single, minute shot can often break the entire fort. Protect your self-confidence like the troops protecting the forts and help things stay smooth.



Learn To Ignore

Many a time, the circumstances or the people around might bring down the self-confidence. Learn to ignore. Make ignorance your new best friend. Not everything that happens in a day is worth paying attention to. Keep the good next to your heart and discard the rest. The lesser you let minor things affect the more you’ll be a peace not only with your surroundings but also your existence. Keep your focus towards the good things and you’ll be better off.



Work On Yourself

Clichés dictate the you are your best critic. Don’t stop at that. Be your maker as well your critic. Work on yourself, on your shortcomings, on your skills, on your interests and so on.

Pick up that hobby that you always wanted to pursue. Go for that solo trip and enrich yourself in the experience you always wanted to. Learn to cook the dish to perfection and spread smiles in your next dinner party. Explore the realms of art and music through different movies and bands. Attend screenings and concerts.

Meet people as they too have a story to tell and just like fiction it too gets interesting at times. Fight your fears and shine like the crazy diamond just the way Pink Floyd stated.

Be at Peace with Yourself

At the end of the day the only person you have who is entirely yours is yourself. Love yourself and always be at peace with yourself.

Don’t push yourself too hard just because someone said something you failed to agree with, just because someone tried to negate your thoughts and ideas. The more unaffected you are, the more you’ll be at peace. Create an imaginary shield to keep the unwanted at bay and at such a distance that it can never make its way to you.



Keep Calm And Carry On

Not a Man-U fan but still I swear by this phrase. Keep the mind straight, heart steady and your calm intact and the rest will be taken care of by the universe. Its only when you give things the focus they command, the force inside you drives you to accomplish things you always wanted to.

And always carry on, with your thoughts, ideas, plans, outlines and blueprints of life. Try and gain as much as possible from what the world has to offer and also learn to differentiate between what is vital and fatal for you. Keep moving ahead and build a palace with all the bricks life throws at you but just hold on to your calm.


“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

– Arthur Ashe


Action Steps to boost self-confidence: –

• Don’t get distracted from your work easily
• Keep a calm mind
• Try something new
• Overcome your fears, take that vital first step
• Focus on your tasks
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