“I don’t feel like doing the “hard, uncomfortable things…”

Just felt like sharing my thought process with you. 

It’s been valuable for me.


And it might help you build your business… the RIGHT way.


Here we go:


“I don’t feel like doing the “hard, uncomfortable things”.


But my progress, my growth, my future self is behind these hard things.”


What to do?


1.) Don’t do anything. Stay where I am.


Will I die happy if I stayed where I am today?


No. Plus humans feel happy and satisfied when they are making progress.


Yeah! I want that.


2.) Do the hard thing.


Because I have to do these things to make progress and become my future self.




I’d like the progress. But it’s like…




What do I want more… my vision or my current state for eternity?


My VISION. It’s beautiful. It’s impactful.


I’m grateful for my current state. And I wanna keep growing towards my VISION.


So I gotta do these “hard” things.


One way is to develop DISCIPLINE. Having some of that is IMPORTANT.


What I can do…


3.) Do hard things. But…


Make them fun. Make them meaningful.


Turn these things into something that…


I “get” to do. Not “have” to do.


If I don’t make these “hard things” fun and meaningful… 

I’d keep getting distracted by Netflix, friends, or new-shiny strategies.


If I want to build this long-term business… 

why not design it in a way where I enjoy the journey… this hard work?


That way… it would be more sustainable. And I’d have long-lasting success.


As humans, we can make anything meaningful. That’s our gift.


We might not like picking up garbage. 

But if we care about the environment, we’re satisfied cleaning beaches.




I can DESIGN these “hard things”… make them fun and meaningful.


And the “discipline” would help on a few days when I’m being purely lazy.


Sounds like a good plan.


That was my thought process when I started our business journey 6 years back.


I hope this will be useful for you at some point in your business.


P.S. This is what we do in our Meaningful Momentum program.


Simplify hard things. Make them fun and meaningful for you based on your core identity.


If you want to build your profitable business while making an impact and enjoying the journey, book a short call with me below.


That’s it for today.


Take care! I’m rooting for you.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram