If you are thinking about raising your prices (don’t miss these 3 levers)

You might have heard this common advice…


“Raise your prices…


And you will attract high quality clients.”


No you won’t.


People can pay 20k and still be a shitty client (my personal experience).


Yes higher prices do raise the perception and expectation that it would be a high quality coaching program.


And it sets a certain barrier that only a few people would jump.


But that’s it.


It won’t magically line up the right clients for you.


Along with higher prices… 


You gotta push these 3 levers to attract high quality clients:


1.) Only talk to potential ‘Linchpin Clients’


Linchpin clients deeply value your coaching.

Are ready to pay you a premium.

And are committed to working hard and getting big results. 


If you’re trying to sell a million dollar solution to people with $10 problems…


You will lose every time. 


No point in raising the prices for the wrong market.


2.) Make sure your messaging isn’t SHITTY


Shitty messaging attracts shitty clients.


“Make gazillllliiiiooons without lifting your finger”


Messaging like this would attract clients who have big DESIRES…


High levels of LAZINESS…


And extremely high levels of STUPIDITY.


A few more examples of shitty messaging:


“I help people improve their happiness and satisfaction in life”

“I help ladies lose 5 pounds”

“I will help you master your life. $50/session”


Not even kidding… these 3 are real world examples I have seen with my own 2 eyes.


Now coming to the 3rd lever…


3.) Have high standards for yourself and your clients


If you look at your life…


Do you have high standards for yourself… 

your skill level, your care level, your commitment level?


Do you make big investments in YOURSELF? 

Or are you just asking others to do it?


Are you making your program “world class” every single day?


What kinda clients do you say ‘No’ to even if they are standing in front of your home with their wallets out?


What do you NOT tolerate from your clients no matter how much they have paid?


What are your non-negotiables?


What are your boundaries?


Have you refunded the clients who weren’t the right fit?


Do you call your clients out on their BS and guide them towards the right path? 

Or are you being “too nice” and leading your clients towards failure?


First you need CLARITY on these things.


And next you need to show your standards in practice.


Along with raising prices… when you pull these 3 levers…


You start attracting the right kinda clients effortlessly.


That’s it for today.


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Take care. Have a masterful week.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram