If you keep DELAYING your important tasks…

(3 strategies)

Let me be the first to admit…


Sometimes I put my head in the sand like an Ostrich…


And ignore the ‘important task monsters’ that I need to face.


You might know exactly what I am talking about.


If you notice… ’urgent tasks’ either get done.

Or we face the consequences.


Because there’s a deadline.


But ‘important tasks’… 


we can keep running away from them (until they become urgent).


Here are the 3 strategies that have been useful for me to face these ‘important task monsters’:


1.) ‘Ignore the outcome… just get bored’ strategy


Let’s say I want to create a training.


Now if I worry about creating a training… perfect training… 


I will never get it done.


So I start by removing the outcome. 


Here’s what my to-do says: 

Sit for 30 mins (training).


In these 30 mins… all I have to do is SIT at my desk.


I can think about the training… 

create the slides… 

stare at my screen… 

stare at walls and windows…

fidget my legs…

snap my fingers…


I can do any of these things.


But I can’t do anything else. 

I can’t do other tasks or scroll my phone or watch Netflix.


Either I’ll get bored. Or I’ll create a slide or two.


And somehow when I sit like this for a few days in a row… 

I end up creating the training.


Many famous writers do this. 


Boredom is good for creativity 🙂


2.) ‘Just write 1 line’ strategy


I break the task into a tini-tiny form.


“Just write 1 line”

“Work out for 5 mins”

“Create 10 sec video”


When I do a task in this ‘tini-tiny’ form… I usually don’t stop.


And I end up getting the whole thing done.


3.) ‘Head on the line’ strategy


This one is for you… 


if you’re feeling ADVENTUROUS.


I’ll announce I’m launching the training on a particular date.


I’ll make a promise to a client that they will get the design on a particular date.


I’ll invest a bit out of my reach so I have to generate more profits in my business.


Now either I will deliver. Or my head is on the line.


Disclaimer: Don’t take the risks that you can’t recover from.


Those were the 3 strategies that have worked for me.


Experiment with ‘em.


That’s it for today.


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Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram