If you want to make big income leaps… read this

A few years ago…


I made this income leap from 5-6k months to 25-30k cash months.


And that was a big turning point for me.


How did I do that?


I focused on these 7 things:


1.) I invested 16k in a program. 


And it was superrrrrr uncomfortable.


But I was like…


I’m gonna trust myself even though it’s hard. 


And I’ll make things WORK… no matter what.


The good thing is… when you make big moves and make em’ work…


Your conviction skyrockets. 


And this conviction is like a magnetic pull for your prospects.


2.) I learned the skill of running profitable ads. 


For every $1 I was spending… I was making $4 back.


It’s easier to scale when you can get all the leads you want.


This was a few years back. 


Now my clients scale organically with almost zero complexity.


3.) Two-Hour Morning Magic:


No long-drawn morning routines. 


Working only on the things that help me sign more clients.


When you move the ball forward every single day… 

it’s hard NOT to build meaningful momentum.


4.) I went in no-distraction mode for 90 days.


No random YouTube videos or Netflix. (Those were my biggest time wasters)


80% action. 20% learning only to solve the CURRENT problem I’m facing. 

Not any future problems I might face.


5.) Strong Positioning:


My messaging, pricing, and standards were attractive only to my Linchpin clients. 

And I was ignoring everyone else.


When your positioning is dialed in… you don’t need complex sales strategies.


6.) Letting go of the “controlling attitude”.


You can’t do everything alone.


I built a small but effective team. 

And they helped me with the things I wasn’t skilled at or didn’t like doing.


7.) Gratitude + Desire


I had and still have big desires… just like it’s Day 1.


Combined with full gratitude for what I have.


This combo keeps me in the right zone even during your hard days.


And this is how you go from ordinary to extraordinary results.


I truly believe…


You are meant for big income leaps just like me.


Start showing up with that PERSONAL POWER.


Get in the right rooms. Dial in your SKILLS + ‘Who You Are’. 


And see the results for yourself.


P.S. If you want to make big income leaps like this… 


Just book a short call with me below. And I’ll walk you through our MM program.


See you inside. Take care!


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram