If you’re thinking of “MORE” you might be doing it wrong…

Alexander The Great is about to battle King Darius of the Persian Empire.


Alexander has 40,000 men in his army.


And King Darius has 100,000 men.


Battle begins…


Alexander is one of the best military minds.


His strategy, formation, and quick maneuvers open up the Persian formation.


And now he’s coming straight for King Darius.


But King Darius ran away to save his life and empire.


Alexander won.


Darius lost even after having a bigger army of 100,000 men (Many of these men were mercenaries so they didn’t really care about Persia. But that’s not the point.)


So why am I telling you this story?


When we want to scale our business…

Sign new clients…

Invest in a business mentor…


We think about MORE. 


How can I do MORE?

How can I have MORE new clients?

How can I make MORE?


But as you saw with Darius… MORE doesn’t always help.


How can I have or do MORE?

It’s a good 2nd question.


But these are better first questions:


How can I REMOVE things from my plate?

How can I BLOCK distractions?

How can I FIX the leaks?


If you’re working 8 hours a day on your business and your business is still not growing…


REMOVE the shitty… unprofitable… things from your schedule first. 

Instead of adding MORE things.


If you want to SCALE your coaching business but your profit margins suck…


FIX that first. And then scale with good profits.


If you want to INVEST $10k in a mentor…


Yes you can make more. And then think about investing.

(usual loop people get stuck in)


Or you can look at where’s your money going right now.


And STOP spending money on the things that WON’T help you grow your business.


Remove things from your plate before you add more.


Fix the leaks in your bucket before you pour more water.


Block your distractions before you add 30 more steps to your morning routine.


Enough ranting…


Reflect on this (if you want).


That’s it for today.


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Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram