I’m part of many programs but I’m not hitting my goals

“I’m part of many courses and business coaching programs”


Wonderful! What’s your revenue goal right now?



How close are you to that goal?

“Not close at all. Around $4k/month”


Sorry I’m a bit confused here… you’re part of many coaching programs but you’re still not hitting your goals.


How long have you been in these programs?

“Around 7 months”


What do you feel is missing there? Because 7 months is a long time to hit $15k/month

“Actually most of these programs are free. And two of them are around $1000”


Are you able to see… why aren’t you hitting your goals?



If you’re reading this, understand…


This person wasn’t getting the results because of 2 main things: 


1.) Lack of focus


She didn’t know the right things to do… and the right sequence to do it in.


Because all these courses are telling her something different.


And most of them are just giving FLUFF advice that’s never going to work.


2.) Lack of investment


You have downloaded freebies before… free pdfs, free trainings, and free courses.


You have seen Youtube before.


But that didn’t transform your business.


You didn’t hit your revenue goals.


Why is that?


Because there was no skin in the game.


Most people don’t take action on advice that didn’t cost them anything.


But when you pay 5k-10k-20k for a program…


You get results a lot faster.


Because you’re 100% in. 


You’re getting the right sequence and exact steps to take to hit your goals.


You listen to each and every word very carefully.


And you take massive action.


Plus someone is keeping you accountable… 

so you don’t lose daily progress and you always remember why you invested that much in the first place.


All these things combined… is what help you hit $15k months faster.


For those who want to do that, book a call below with me.


For others, enjoy your free trainings.


That’s it for today.

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram