Is your IDENTITY stopping you from scaling your biz?

Imagine 2 ladies…


Siri and Sarah.


Both are coaches.


But there are some key differences…


Siri’s world DWINDLES if a few potential clients say NO.

Sarah’s world is governed by her inner CONVICTION.


Siri WAITS for other people’s permission to grow.

Sarah LEADS while others are waiting for permission.


Siri lives in the FEAR of what ifs… what if this goes wrong, what if I don’t make any money next month, what if I lose it all, what if no one wants to work with me?

Sarah feels the fear but makes COURAGEOUS decisions based on her vision.


Siri FOLLOWS 10-step morning routines.

Sarah FOCUSES on money-making activities in the morning.


Siri waits for ‘SIGNS’ to make the right decision.

Sarah trusts herself to make the decision… right.


Siri WAITS for confidence to start showing up.

Sarah shows up and BUILDS her confidence.


Siri is LOST in the learning land.

Sarah WINS in the real world. 

(I wrote an email on this recently let me know if you want that)


Siri wants others to TRUST her.

Sarah TRUSTS herself first.


Siri WAITS for inspiration to do the work.

Sarah does the work to SERVE her people. 


Siri shows up when she feels like it.

Sarah shows up CONSISTENTLY because it’s her life’s work.


Siri lives in Lack & Desperation.

Sarah lives in Abundance & Gratitude.


Siri BELIEVES the guru’s way is the only way.

Sarah thinks for herself and DEFINES her own path.


Siri is busy CONVINCING people to work with her.

Sarah EMBODIES her high standards. And clients are naturally ATTRACTED to her.


Siri is afraid of taking a STAND.

Sarah is building her BRAND… one stand at a time.


Okay… I’ll stop with the differences now.


Here’s the kicker…


Siri and Sarah are INSIDE you.


Not in some creepy way 🙂


You just have both of these IDENTITIES inside you.


Maybe you have been acting like Siri for years now.


Maybe you have started believing you can never be Sarah.


You consider yourself as a mediocre person… 

doing mediocre coaching… who just wants to get by.


But at any moment you can CHOOSE to tap into your Sarah identity.


Become your EXTRAORDINARY self.


Make your inner CONVICTION go viral.


LEAD like you were born for it.


That’s it for today.


Reflect on this if you want.


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It’s right for coaches who… 


Want to tap into their Sarah identity and have big plans for THIS year…


Want to build a scalable and sustainable business… 


Want to add 10k – 50k profits every month while having the time of their lives.


If that interests you, just book a short call with me below.


Take care. And make this your best week.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram