Read this if you want to attract clients who got the money…

If you have been struggling with attracting clients who got the money…


Then today’s email will open those doors for you.


This way works like charm to attract the right kinda clients.


All I want from you is…


Don’t just read it from the frame of dopamine hits or entertainment.


Execute on this.


Enough build up.


This is what you do…


Unapologetic Storytelling.


Both words are important… ‘unapologetic’ and ‘storytelling’.


If you miss one… your results will fall FLAT.


You have hit the desired goal of your clients.


Now stop hiding.


Stop being modest.


Right kind of clients want to hear your inspiring story.


Your hook could look something like…


How I make 50k/mo profits with 2-3 hours of work…


How I manifested my soulmate without kissing 100 frogs…


How I beat years of yo-yo dieting and lost 40 pounds…


You got the idea.


Share your story. Share your pathway.


What this does is create the ‘gap of desire’ in the minds of your potential clients.


They want to be where you are.


They have been stuck and they don’t even know why.


They have tried to be where you are but haven’t succeeded.


They were looking for the right way.


They were looking for the right person.


And here you are.


Now you have the story part.




Being unapologetic creates the energy… the vibe… the emotion… and the action.


They want to FEEL what it would feel like when they hit their desired goal.


If you show up with MUTED energy…


They start feeling like hitting their desired goal ISN’t even worth it.


Or it WON’T be worth it with YOU.


Tell the details you might want to hide.


Throw political correctness in the garbage.


Don’t hide what you actually want to say.


Don’t hide your struggles.


Don’t hide your messy years.


And definitely DON’T hide your WINNING ENERGY.


“Fake Humble” energy is going to get you exactly 0 clients.


When you do this UNAPOLOGETIC STORYTELLING the right way…




When your ideal clients see that…


They are READY to work with YOU.


They are ready for the TRANSFORMATION.


They DEPOSIT the money with 0 objections.


And you wonder how is it even happening.


Now I’ll stop.


Read this email again. Execute on it.


That’s it for today.


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It’s right for coaches who want to…


Wake up with inbound leads and clients instead of frustration.


Build a scalable and long-lasting biz by being their UNAPOLOGETIC self.


Add 10k – 50k profits every month while having the time of their lives.


If that interests you, just join our MM daily emails below 


And I’ll send you the deets – no calls required.


Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram