Read this if you want to retain clients for years (and not just a few days)

Let’s dive right in…


Imagine if you had kept all the clients you have ever worked with… 


Do you know what would have happened?


You would be rich-rich (given that you have been running your business for a few years).


Now is it realistic?




At least I don’t know of a business that has kept all their clients from Day 1.


And I don’t believe we should keep all our clients.


Because sometimes there are clients who just aren’t the right fit. 

And we need to let ‘em go.


At the same time, there’s nothing more profitable than having the right clients who stay with us for years.


But how do we do that?


Here are the “Retention Keys” me and my clients focus on:


1.) Make promises and keep ‘em.


This seems simple. So people ignore it.


And that’s a big mistake.


I can’t emphasize this point enough.


Make promises and keep ‘em. 

And more than half of your retention problem is solved.


“We’ll get on call at that time” 

Get on call at that time.


“We’ll get you this result”

Help them get that result.


“I reply within 2 hours”

Reply within 2 hours


Some people don’t make any promises. 

And no one wants to work with them.


Some people make too many promises and can’t keep them.

They get exposed fast.


If you can make bold promises and keep ‘em… 

no one can stop your business from growing exponentially.


2.) Have an INFINITE offer. 


(We cover this in our MM program)


If you can be the coach/mentor… 

who can help their clients build their 3-5 year vision.


And help them make this vision a reality. 

They will stick with you for years.


1 Li’l Secret:


Don’t just solve 1 problem.

Help them become the person they want to become.


3.) Onboarding calls make or break your business.


They have done research on this. 


And people decide if they wanna stick with a business or not…


based on their first interaction after the purchase.


Your closer signed the client.


And the onboarding call is 4 days away.


In those 4 days, do you have the right touch points with the client?


Are they clear on what to do? Where to go?


Have you started building a warm relationship?


On the onboarding call…


Do they feel like they made the right decision?


Did your closer transfer all the information to your onboarding coach?

Or are you asking them the same question again?


Are you setting the right expectations?


Are you sharing what their journey would look like?

And what would be the key milestones?


Are they clear on what to do if they are feeling “stuck” or “not getting the results”?


Okay… that was a long list of questions for you to think about.


And this email is kinda getting long.


So for this email, reflect on these 3 retention keys.


They have worked for us. And they will work for you too. 


Give ‘em a try. And start retaining clients for years.


P.S. If you want me to continue this email and share another 3 keys of retention… let me know.


That’s it for today.


Have a power-packed week.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram