Stop using family as an EXCUSE for not working!

Now before you throw shoes and tomatoes at me…




I was in conversation with a guy…

who has been running his coaching business for the past 6+ years.


And he has been struggling to hit 5k months.


In the last 6 years, his best month has been $1100.


There’s no side job or anything else.

He has 2 kids and a wife.


And this coaching business is his “main thing”.


I was curious…


Maybe he’s a stay-at-home dad. 

And if he and his family are happy with the situation… great!


So I asked him… if this “moving slow” was intentional?


He said – Definitely not.

He wants to grow faster.


He wants to make those 5k months so his wife isn’t burdened with the pressure of “having to work”.


He wants to take good care of his kids and be an example for them.


And he wants to make a positive impact on the whole world.




Yes! He didn’t have the right direction and step-by-step plan to hit his goals.


But the thing that surprised me the most is…


He’s taking Tuesdays and Wednesdays off to spend time with his family.

Along with taking his weekends off.


I was hella confused at this point.


It’s not that he has to take full days off to take care of the kid and family.


No… it was just him taking his days off… 

telling himself that it’s about the family.


Maybe he’s right in his situation. And I’m wrong. 


But here’s my thinking…


If I’m a father who’s been stuck under $1000 for the last 5 years… 


who wants to take care of his kids… 

who wants to be in a place where my wife doesn’t HAVE to work…

where we have financial freedom…

where I want to be an example for my kids…


I’d be doing EVERYTHING I can to CHANGE my family’s financial situation.


Yes! I’d spend quality hours with my family every day.


But I wouldn’t take 4 days off in a week. And only work 4-5 hours on the other 3 days.


That’s just laziness in my eyes.


Even if I didn’t have the right information… I’d work every day to find that information.


And if I’m not willing to make my business work…


I’d take a sales job or some other work-from-home job to support my wife and family.


I personally think a dad sets a better example for his kid by taking action and achieving his vision.


Not by spending whole days with the kids where… 


I didn’t achieve my vision.

I didn’t support my wife.

I couldn’t provide the best schooling for my kids.

I couldn’t travel with my kids.

I couldn’t provide financial freedom to my family.


I wouldn’t use “family time” as an EXCUSE for not providing all these things for my family.


I feel very strongly about this.


Maybe I’m wrong.


And maybe you have a different way of thinking. I’d love to hear your thoughts or experience… and learn from them.


P.S. I know that was a long email. But I feel certain things need to be said.


We need to have certain conversations. Otherwise, what are we doing in the coaching space?


If you’re in a situation like this and want to change that, book a short call with me below 👇


Take care! I’m rooting for you (even with tough love).


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram