Stuck at the same level in your coaching biz? (good ol’ 3-step success framework)

Apart from reading, reflecting, being with family… 


I went to a Trampoline park this weekend.

It was fun jumping around with friends!


Makes you feel like a kid again 🙂


I hope you had a nice weekend too.


Now before you start calling me “names”… 

let’s dive right in.


Here’s the good ol’ 3-step success framework (you will need this time n time again in your biz):


1.) Do you know where you want to go? 


Your vision? Oh come on… not that V word again!


Yeah! After personally working with 200+ 1-on-1 coaching clients… 

I can tell you it’s kinda important.


Numbers you want to hit… 

Feelings you want to feel (most of us miss this and then we wonder why our success feels empty) 

Being who you want to be… 

People you want to be with (finally cutting off that “negative” person)… 

What would your DREAM DAY look like from morning to night (big one to think about)…


Do you have full CLARITY on these things?


Tip: WRITE ‘em down with your HANDS. 

Don’t be lazy and just THINK it in your head.


2.) Do you understand the problem/obstacle that’s coming in the way?


You have TRIED moving towards your vision.


But something is coming in the way.


You gotta know EXACTLY what that is. 


Otherwise you won’t be able to get over it.


Are you facing any of these problems?


“I don’t know how to get more booked calls on my calendar”

“I don’t know how to create a high-end program that people are willing to pay for it”

“I am getting some calls but they keep giving me objections”

“I have some clients. They are causing headaches. But I want better clients in the future”
“I’m doing all the work alone. I don’t have enough hours. Who should I hire and in what sequence?”

“My team sucks. They can’t do anything right. How to hire better?”

“My business is making good revenue. But it’s not aligned with my personal life. Seems like my business is competing with my personal life”


I can keep going on… 


But I think you get the idea.


Now the final step…


3.) Do you have the DRIVE to overcome the problem/obstacle? 


Drive in simple terms… 


You want to move towards a positive thing (big desire). 

Or away from a negative thing (pain). 

Or both.


If your drive is big enough you will become RESOURCEFUL.


You will find ways to get things DONE.


You will find ways to IDENTIFY and REMOVE your limiting beliefs.


You will find ways to STOP getting distracted.


You will find ways to INVEST in YOURSELF. And in your TEAM.


You will find ways to CONVINCE your family or partner to help you build your vision. 

Or you will find ways to build your vision WITHOUT them.


You will act with 100% RESPONSIBILITY. 

Instead of being a victim.


You will move towards your FUTURE self. 

Instead of being stuck in “past events”.


You will WRITE your own story.


You will share your POWERFUL message with the world.


You are fully CAPABLE of moving towards your vision.


You have your own PERMISSION to move towards it.




That’s it for today.


P.S. If you want me and my team on your side, to make your vision a reality then…


Book a short call with me below.


I’m rooting for you. Make this week mean something.


DO NOT just let it pass by.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram