“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

– Charles Mingus


Creativity is all about going beyond boundaries, venturing out into an unknown that is bound by the endless and the horizon. It is the ability to visualise beyond the horizon, with no norms or rules to keep a constant check.

We are always seeking freedom from the work-hours, deadlines, schedules, random chores and our individual compact lives. Protesting vehemently and going on strikes isn’t really the ideal solution when we have a powerhouse within us, the Human Mind.

Letting it soar is vital, keeping an open mind helps to broaden our thought process and makes us appreciate the world we live in. If we are able to let in all the various inputs from the environment around us, we may pick up something that inspires us, and that really triggers the creative genius in us.



Maybe my point on freedom didn’t hit home yet, but it’s the desire to not be bound to a system which makes us wake up each day with a positive outlook and keeps us intrigued about chance encounters with perhaps that ever eluding thread of inspiration. Uniqueness lies in creativity, it defines our thoughts and helps us open up and express those feelings we tend to be unsure about.

Once we allow our imagination to roam, we initiate the process of rediscovering our skills and our personality. Actions do speak louder than words, and Creativity is the art of the mind. Having ideas and brooding over them is simply being imaginative, that’s seemingly pointless, but acting upon these ideas to generate something new into being is what creativity is all about.


Nurturing your creative side

Worry not, creativity can be learnt. We are born naturally creative, and sadly continue becoming uncreative as we grow up. By being inquisitive, exploring new avenues and tapping into our imagination, we develop that creativity in us.

It is like training for a football match. You practice, you work out, you follow a diet and train your mind to focus on the game. You create a supportive and favourable environment that will help towards the completion of the match with you giving your best in whatever way is required of you by the coach.

Untapping inner potential and thinking radically

Do not get deterred by wannabe philosophers that preach about gifted souls, it’s a myth about creativity that they create, for they have nothing better to do, whereas you, my dear friend, haven’t yet fully utilised your potential. The right opportunities, positive and timely encouragement, motivation, training and regular practice is what you require to achieve excellence.



It is necessary to think radically time and again, that’s not bad, that’s actually desired, otherwise you simply let your mind go stale and monotonous.

Know when to work alone and when to work together. Sharing ideas and debating concepts helps to keep the mind focused, and as I mentioned just a few paragraphs ago, you never quite know when and where you find inspiration from.

By translating inner thoughts via external channels, you convey your feelings to the outside world, and chances are someone in contact with you might derive some meaning from your creativity and that is a win-win situation for both of you.

Exercise Imagination – Get Creative

Thinking and creativity are free, it is not a metered connection or a paid service, you don’t have to feel indebted to anyone, simply make it a point to exercise your mind daily by questioning assumptions and processing the flurry of thoughts that come and go. It is the basis of living life to the fullest.

A stale and rusty mind is for an AI bot, not for a forward thinking human being. Once you tap into your mind, and try something new and create something different, you discover talents that you may have never known you had in the first place.

By realising that you don’t need external factors as mental stimulants, you boost your self-confidence and self-reliance. And that by far is a major triumph that most of us are still wandering in search of.



Importance of Creative Freedom

Creativity stays with us, it’s not a license but a form of freedom that is our own. It gives us that purpose to get out of bed every morning.

And as a footnote it is also interesting to note that we are the most creative in the first 30-45 minutes after waking up. So it makes perfect sense to ditch looking at our phones for some obvious promotional mails and social media notifications, but rather jot down ideas or take a gentle stroll outdoors. By taking in the morning freshness, it instills in us an aura of serenity and energises us to look forward to the rest of the day.


“The world is not limited by IQ. We are all limited by bravery and creativity.”

– Astro Teller


Action Steps to enhance creativity: –

• Exercise your imagination today, take a pause from regular work and jot down the thoughts running through your mind.
• Explore new interests by reading through a random but seemingly interesting article or online blog
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