This simple formula generates massive rev. for coaches

Imagine 2 coaches Jerry and Sherry…


Jerry creates content and trainings that he feels like creating.


He doesn’t want to make offers (because that’s sales-y).


And he shows up when he wants to. 

Sometimes it’s 3 times a week… other times it’s once a week.


Sherry on the other hand…


Knows her Linchpin clients through n through.


She puts out valuable content that helps these potential clients move forward.


She makes offers that would be transformational for her Linchpin clients.


And she does it daily. And sometimes multiple times a day.


For whom do you think it would be easier to win in the game of coaching business?


My answer… Sherry.


And this is the simple FORMULA.


Whether you wanna hit 10k months or 80k months with your coaching biz… 


(Value + Offer) * Frequency = Money


When you give value and make the right offers…


And you do it a lot…


You make more money.


“Wow! I knew that”


Great. Are you making more money?


If no… 

then your execution sucks.


Oops… that was too straightforward!


You might need to look at your past 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years…


And ask yourself…


Is my stuff actually valuable for the people I want to attract?


Here’s how you would know…

People vote with their comments, shares, and money (they will become your client).


When you mention your offer… do you easily sign up your dream clients?

Or do you need to jump over 10 hoops to sign 1 client?


If it’s hard to sign even 1 client… you gotta improve your offer. 

Or change the target market.


How many times are you showing up with valuable content and making offers?


If this frequency is less… 


maybe it’s time to raise the bar.


Frequency is the easiest lever you can pull. And start seeing the results.


And if you are wondering… is it this simple?


Yes… it is.


But our minds love to make things complex.


I’m not saying it would be an easy journey for everyone.


Or you won’t have to work hard.


But winning DOESN’T need to be COMPLEX.


That’s it for today.


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It’s right for coaches who… 


Are tired of all the complexity in their business…


Are serious about building a scalable and sustainable business… 


Want to add 10k – 50k profits every month while having the time of their lives.


If that interests you, just book a short call with me below.


Take care.


Signing of…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram