What have you been HIDING from? (1 growth secret)

I genuinely don’t remember who said it. 

Otherwise I’d have given them the credit.


They said this wise thing…


Magic we want is in the things we have been HIDING from.


I wholeheartedly agree with this.


My biggest growth points were UNLOCKED when I did the thing I was hiding from.


Maybe you are hiding away from having a hard conversation.


I have done that. Had my disagreements with my biz partner.


Didn’t talk about it for some time. Because I thought it would be a hard conversation.

And yes it was hard.


But when I had it, we became more aligned. 


Started moving in a meaningful direction. 

And made more profits too.


Maybe you are hiding away from the things you know you need to do for your business.


In my case, I took a long time to start learning and investing in ads.


It unlocked exponential growth for us.


1 tip: Don’t run ads when you’re under 15k or even 20k months.


Try to hit that mark with organic so you’re not fully dependent on ads. 

Because Zuck can ban ad accounts. And your business can go from making 50k/month to 0.


Running ads can be useful for scaling. But it’s not a requirement.


You can hit your goals without them too. We have done that. 

Many of our clients have done that.


Maybe you are hiding away from boring things.


I sometimes get bored with daily business activities or going to the gym.


And I might miss a day.


But then I remind myself… 


I won’t let my “boredom state” govern whether I move toward my vision or not.


Maybe you are hiding away from doing the uncomfortable things.

Discovery calls were physically and emotionally uncomfortable for me when we started our business.


Because I was a shy guy. 

Or that’s how I labeled myself (if you know what I mean)


I was insecure about my voice (as I have talked about in our 5 Mental Blocks training)


Because people have made fun of my voice growing up. 


You might have had those “kind experiences” in your life too 🙂


But I kept doing them and somehow kept signing those “high-ticket” clients.


Maybe you are hiding away from making a decision.

A closer wasn’t performing on our team and we wasted around 80K “hoping” he will start performing.

Because he was a nice guy otherwise.


And I thought I was being kind.


But that’s not kindness. 

It wasn’t good for our team, our potential clients, and that closer.


I was just being indecisive. 


Letting things “play out” instead of making my decision.

Learned a costly lesson!!


Actually I made this mistake with 2 closers, and then learned the lesson.


That’s why I keep talking about… DECISIVENESS.


Decisions we make kinda decide where we end up in our life and business.


Stop hiding away from them if you want to build your dream business.


Those are just some of the things we can hide from.


P.S. I’d love to hear from you… what have you been hiding from?

And when are you planning to face that and unlock your next level?


P.P.S. I thought after writing this long email, I should go for a shameless plug. 


So here it is…

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where you’re adding 10k-40k in profits every month, then we could possibly help.


Important point… scaling your business while keeping it simple and enjoying your life.


A business that’s built around your life. Not a life that’s built around your business.


If you want that, book a short call with me below. See you inside!


Don’t be indecisive now 🙂


Take care. 


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram