What To Do If You’re Losing Clients After Clients On The Discovery Calls

Ask yourself…


Are you covering all these 8 key points on every call?


1.) Where they are at (in terms of business, career, fitness, relationships… whichever problems you help them solve)


Get full clarity… don’t shy away from asking deeper questions

2.) ‘How it’s hurting them’ / the impact this situation had on them and their family


They gotta realize this to make a change.


3.) Consequences of continuing down the same road


If their situation doesn’t change in the next 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years… would they be okay with that? Or what would happen?


4.) What they have tried


If they had a genuine problem, they have tried some stuff (could be free or paid).


You gotta know this to decide whether your program would even be right for them or not.


5.) Why didn’t it work


Do they take any responsibility?

Or do they just blame others for everything?


6.) What would be an ideal solution for them


Do they have some things in mind that they really care about and want in their next program?


It’s important to understand these things to create the right program for them.


7.) What’s their vision or dream


If they get [x] results with you, how would their life change?


Because if NOTHING changes or they don’t CARE about that change… 

they won’t be investing in your program anyway.


Sometimes you need to help them think deeply about their vision… to make sure this is the RIGHT direction for them.


8.) What happens if they don’t get there


If they are okay with not getting there, they won’t sign up for your program.


If it’s not painful enough to make a change NOW…

Or desirable enough to make a change now…

Why make a change? Why invest in your program?


That’s the basic overview of these 8 key points.


Ask yourself – which ones are you missing after every call? 

Or analyze your previous calls.


You will at least have some idea on where you are missing the mark.


P.S. If you are tired of staying stuck at the same level… 


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Take care. I’m rooting for you.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram