Which path are you choosing to win in the coaching biz?

I’m in a fun mood today.


I’ll share 2 paths with you today for winning in the biz.


Both paths are simple, fun, and profitable.


You can CHOOSE the one you like.


Or create your own 3rd path by combining these 2.


Here we go…


First Path:


KNOW the kind of people you wanna work with.


BECOME the kind of person these people would wanna work with.


Second Path:


KNOW yourself.


SHOW yourself.


And you will start attracting YOUR kind of people.


What’s the difference?




It can be on your ideal clients or yourself.


In the second path, you are your ideal client.


You are your OWN niche.


You have faced the problems… 

created the solutions… 

and now you’re sharing what worked for you.


“Cool! If these paths are so simple, why do coaches fail?”


Good question.


There are many reasons…


I’ll give you the 4 reasons I’m thinking about right now…


1.) You aren’t CRYSTAL CLEAR about who you wanna work with.


Question to ask yourself…


Do you know your clients better than they know themselves? (Their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, values, character, decision-making patterns, etc.)


Disclaimer: This changes from time to time. 

As you grow and your market grows… this will change.


2.) You are clear but AREN’T willing to BECOME the person they would wanna work with.


Because it would take the right strategy, years of work, and patience.


3.) You haven’t taken the time to KNOW YOURSELF.


You have the basic idea. But not 100% clarity.


You haven’t reflected on your life enough to collect the golden nuggets.


4.) You don’t wanna SHOW who you really are.


Because that would mean you’re a SHOW OFF.


Because that would mean you’re BRAGGING.


Because that would mean some people would love you… but others would HATE you.


And you don’t want any hate.


You just want people to magically know you’re the right person for them.


You don’t wanna show up daily.


You don’t wanna share your journey, struggles, personal stories, vulnerable moments, weirdness, wins.


Enough ranting!


Those were the 2 paths and 4 reasons.


Now reflect on the path you want to take.


That’s it for today.


P.S. I personally enjoy combining these 2 paths based on how high my self-esteem is 🙂


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If that interests you, just book a short call with me below.


Take care.


Signing off…

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© Copyright Chevaun 2024. All Rights Reserved. T&C. Privacy. Refunds.
Follow us around the web: LinkedIn . Facebook . Instagram