“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”

– Charles Darwin


It has been over hundreds of years since Darwin had formulated the postulates of evolution that gave a definitive blueprint to mankind. Mankind’s roots and trajectory can be traced and the changes can be ascertained using the above. The similar can be said about the corporate as well as the start-up ecosystem, where it is not the fittest that survives, but the smartest.



See Change, Be Change

The current world is extremely dynamic and the business ecosystem is heavily affected by it. So, in order to tackle the downside of the dynamism and be on the same page, any institution should be well aware of the surroundings.


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Just like Ra’s Al Ghul taught Bruce Wayne to ‘mind his surroundings’, the decision makers should mind the same. See the change, be the change, instead of falling prey to the shifts and tides.

Don’t Stick to Your Guns

Just like the world shifted from Colt Peacemakers to Benelli B76s over time, even companies should undergo change, not only pertaining to policies but also to ways of operation. This world is very unforgiving to people who try and defy its changing patterns and any shrewd businessman will answer I favour to this statement of mine. Make hay when the sun shines and store the hay in a dry place when black clouds appear else, it’s all downhill from there.


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Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Guys Do

Times are always changin’ but the lessons acquired through change of times are there to stay. Changes and shifts in fortunes often lead to things becoming tougher than before. But it is during this phase that most people find a way out to bypass the happenings and come out tougher. The times change gradually. They are bound to. But the lessons learnt during the shift remains forever.


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Learn from Your Mistakes

Introspect and put things in retrospect. Take a look into your past and analyse your wins and losses. Things aren’t the same always and it’s not that the same strategy will be useful twice, but sometimes it’s vital to keep track of what has happened in the past to avoid repeating it in the future. Introspection is a vital tool when it comes to devising strategies and adapting to changes.


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A Rainy Day Fund

Emergencies may arise out of the blue. It’s not about being fit to tackle an apocalypse, or fully stocked to aid against famine. See the truth is, when it rains even the president get’s wet. So even though throughout life you’ll venture out beyond your comfort zone, always make it a point to note down or keep hold of something you can fall back on.

Call it plan-B or a failsafe, but having something comfortable to rely on, to get back to, helps you immensely. Because at times when you fail in your pursuits and fall off the band wagon, it hurts, you lose hope, you give up. And that is exactly when you need something to cling on to, something that’ll help your re-focus and setback on track. Schedules, habits and routines are hard to build but harder to maintain.


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Think Smart, Do Smart, Be Smart

New routines, changing lifestyles, different environments and situations are meant to test us. They are meant to test our resolve. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader, but learn to keep your head about & above your shoulders. Lofty ideas, and unrealistic ventures will be your pitfall.

Test yourselves often, learn something new, explore new avenues, but remember always preserve something comfortable, something that’s completely familiar to you, in case you fall into trouble. It is important to feel comfortable because its makes getting back into your routine less daunting.


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Learn from your mistakes, forgive others but don’t forget people’s contribution in your life. Embrace the change, it’ll help you grow, but don’t marry the change. Get up and get inspired, every day is something new for the one who’s got an open mind.


“Often we can get caught in our own struggles, our own small stories, that we forget our place in the larger story arc – the way that our actions, our choices, our achievements can and will blaze trails for that who come after us, so that they do not have to spend their time & energy re-fighting the same battles.”

– Lucy H. Pearce


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