Rahul Singh Rana's Quote


“Time & Circumstances teach us many valuable lessons, and it makes life more beautiful.”

– Rahul Singh Rana


People have different values in their lives. Some are attracted to money, for some their looks are of utmost importance but if you value dedication & honesty then you would love to meet Mr. Rahul Singh Rana.


Parakh Agrawal's Quote


“In the end all that matters is what you did for the world when there was time.”

– Parakh Agrawal


Many entrepreneurs start their business with a goal of making some quick money or buying a new sports car. But, there are few entrepreneurs who start their endeavour with a dream of making this world a better place. Meet one such entrepreneur Parakh Agrawal.


Shaurya Bhatnagar's Quote


“Learn in time to earn with time.”

– Shaurya Bhatnagar


Our opinions rarely matched but our emotions connected well. He says what he has in mind and I think twice every time. We bonded over SRK & Ronaldo, we fought over Nadal & Federer. He may be the opposite of mine but we will remain brothers for this life time. Meet Mr. Shaurya Bhatnagar.


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